Qalqiliya - vaccination with the Moderna vaccine

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Shoshi A. and Ronny P. (reporting); Translator: Hanna K.

It was very important for us to hear from the farmers what was going on at the checkpoint. The farmers from Beit Amin and Azzun Atma are happy. During the last month the checkpoint is opened three times a day. At six o’clock in the morning, at one o’clock at noon and at four o’clock in the afternoon. The farmers do in fact develop the place.

Habla CP


We first met two soldiers. One, a new immigrant from Hungary and everything is new for him. I suggested he read Ephraim Kishon to begin understanding where he came to.

At the checkpoint there were very few people on both sides of the barrier and everything proceeded peacefully.

When the shift soldiers arrived they didn’t think, were not able to, did’nt understand that the Palestinians were waiting for the CP to be opened at 1.30. For an unclear reason they decided this time to open at 1.40 and everybody was waiting. After all this wasn’t a public that one had to serve.

At the plant nursery we heard the story about the vaccination at the nurseries and at Qalqiliya. The administration first suggested that only the owner of the nursery should be vaccinated. He refused and demanded that all his workers be vaccinated with him. And indeed the authorization arrived and they were vaccinated at the checkpoint! At Qalqiliya it took some time and now they begin to vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine.