Ivonne Mansbach, Michael, a journalist from Spain, Daniella Yoel (reporting); Translator: Hanna K.

05:15 We arrived at the  Qalandiya

Many buses were leaving with Palestinians to their places of work

It had been a long time since we were last at Qalandiya. We were impressed by the quietness and despair of the people. Many hundreds of people arrived in waves.

05:45 Another big wave of people arrived and thus at 06:15 the queue became very long and reached the parking lot.

The journalist who accompanied us visited Qalandiya for the first time, he took many photographs and wanted to know whether what we are doing does indeed help and has an influence, and why we are there. We said that out shifts have no influence and don't bring about any change but that it was our obligation to be present, to bring to the attention of the Israeli public the existence of the checkpoints, to watch the plight and the humiliation of the Palestinians and to bear witness to what is done in our - we the Israeli citizens - name.

We gave him some of our information material and films. He said that he despaired of this place and that in his opinion help won't come from outside. Only the Israelis are able to save themselves from themselves but he doesn't know how and when this is going to happen.

After seven we crossed the checkpoint back to Jerusalem.

Near the square there were people sitting and they told the journalist that they were working at Abu Gosh as plumbers.