Habla Checkpoint (1393)

Nina S. and Herziliya A. (reporting); Translator: Judith Green

There is a heavy influence of Ramadan.  Relatively few people going out to work.

6:30  The army arrives exactly on time and at the gate from the direction of Habla there are 10-20 people waiting.  We ask the DCO about this small number.  A. (the nursery owner), told Nina a while ago that 4 workers left their jobs at the nursery and moved elsewhere.  Their permits had been cancelled and others had yet to be issued.

6:40  The first group of five comes out after inspection.

6:50  All those waiting have gone through.

We left before the closing of the gatesinfo-icon because we wanted to get to Azzun.

All together, about 70 pedestrians went through.  Also cars went through, tractors, wagons with horses, bicycles - without waiting.  The human stream thinned out quickly.  After 7:00, people arrived sporadically.

From Habla, we travelled to Z., to bring his shop various good things in numerous bags.  Because of the early hour, we called him to plan the transfer and it seems as though we woke him up.  Because of Ramadan.  We took everything to his house, apologized and went off.