Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Ariella Slonim, Michal (reporting); Translator: Tal H.

Good weather has brought back routine for everyone. The roads are packed with vehicles. All barriers are opened except for the entrance to Abda. Further on, down to Shuyukh-S’air everything is open.

Hebron is also filled with groups of tourists. Yehuda Shaul of Breaking the Silence is sitting with UN people and maps by the entrance to the Cave of the Fathers.

Many soldiers are seen everywhere. Ariella feels there’s special tention. I hope she is wrong. Continuing Hagit’s report of yesterday, we spoke with the grocers at Kapisha neighborhood. They say that the plan to erect a large checkpoint near the turnoff to “The Fathers” settlement and to move their grocery store to area H1 is a bad one and will damage them. They would to prefer to stay where they are and maintain their trade and neighborly relations with the colonists. Now they will be part of the tense and problematic part of the city. In any case, the policy of restrictions is obvious.

Near Tarpat Checkpoint we met Imad Abu Shamsiya. We thank him and hope that the trial held today (sentencing of Elor Azariya, the soldier who shot a wounded Palestinian
to death in Hebron) will be a just one. In spite of Imad’s handicapped leg (polio), he does not want us to give him a lift home in our car, lest soldiers see him and us at the turnoff to Tel Rumeida.