Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Ariela Slonim and Michal Zadik; Translator: Natanya

We started off by going to Beersheva hoping to retrieve the clothes of the freed prisoner. The person responsible was not at work and we spoke to him on the phone. It was  agree that he would check on the following day and that if he found them he would let us know.  Unfortunately we were told on the next day that they clothes had been destroyed because, after 8 months,  they had not been called for after . It is to be noted that at the station everyone was polite and well mannered. The above mentioned policeman agreed with me that the clothes of a prisoner should be taken to court and given to those released. “You are right” he said, “but the Nachshon unit does not allow personal items to be taken.”

I suggest that we try to contact  whoever decided this and propose that they act in a more humane fashion. The poor belongings of the prisoners could be taken to Etzion in separate boxes and there given to the prisoners. It does not  seem as though this should be a difficult or complicated to return the rest with the prisoners who are returned to the prison. It is simply an entrapment of the release that people are sent off  without their documents, phones and money. Why do they have to be dependent on others to get their belongings back. There should be a limit to the insensitivity and indifference.

Afterwards we went to Hebron which was very cold, grey and empty. The area of Shuhada, a ghost town. Parachute division and border police everywhere. Road 60 open except for the entrance to Deir Razih which is still blocked.

Our friend  N. phoned and asked for our help. Maybe it is possible to make an appointment  with the representatives of the administration and the army so as to open this barricade. They have to make a large detour so as to get out of the villages near Hebron. There is much suffering and the routine of life is ehaustin. I said that I would check about could be done but promised nothing. It drives me mad that they are so dependent on the mercy of others to lead the life which each person should be entitled to. I will be glad to hear of any ideas as to how to deal with these problems.