Hebron - a holiday for the Jews and closure for the Palestinians - occupier and occupied.

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Hagit (watching, reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
Seriously? Does this make us safer?
מת"ק חברון
מוכר התמרהינדי בצומת הכבשים
בכל חברון תלויים שלטים כאלה

The eve of Simhat Tora, the last day of Succot

All is very quiet without military vehicles and without soldiers ...

We drove around for about three hours on Highway 60 and inside Hebron Area H1 and saw no people. One Palestinian from Tel Rumeida told us that they try to stay at home when there are Jewish holidaysl

There were no special events this year.

In the pictures: 

DCO Hebron on the other side of Har Manoah, renovated and deserted. The base of the Judea Brigade today. When the Jews have a holiday, the Palestinians are imprisoned. This is the case when there is a conqueror and  a conquered people

Taramindi seller at the Sheep Junction (the entrance to the DCO from the Palestinian side)

Everywhere  in Hebron has such signs.

No more words are necessary.