Northern checkpoint, Tura: Cars with passengers pass in two directions and the passage is fast

Tammy R. and Hannah H. (reporting), Translation: Marcia L.

             15:30 – Tura Checkpoint

Cars with passengers pass in two directions and the passage is fast.  Workers return from work in the Seamline Zone and people from Umm Reihan return from Jenin. One of the workers tells us he is a licensed nurse and worked in hospitals in Jenin and in Ramallah.  But because the salaries in the West Bank are very low, he works in renovations in Israel.  Soon he will return to work again as a nurse, in Nazareth.

15:55 – Barta’a Checkpoint

Families with children pass in two directions.  Many workers return from work in Israel and in the Seamline Zone.  Most of the workers in Israel with whom we spoke, told us that they leave for work in the morning from Jalama (Gilboa) Checkpoint or from Ephraim Gate (Taibe) and travel Israeli roads to their place of work, primarily in Harish, which is beyond the checkpoint.  In the afternoon, they are permitted to return via the Barta’a Checkpoint.  The workers who leave in the morning via Barta’a Checkpoint, work in the settlements, in the industrial area of Shahak and in Barta’a, which is in the Seamline Zone.

Israeli cars with Arab passengers pass to the West Bank and are inspected at the vehicle checkpoint.