South Hebron Hills

Hagit Sar Shalom, Leah Shakdiel, Nina and 3 cinema students from Sapir college; Translator: Natanya
This is the second time that the three young men have joined us to interview and to make a film about the activities of Machsomwatch.

This time we tried to reach places that seemed important to us and which we had not visited the previous time. We drove to al-Tuwani. Already on the way, and throughout the tour Leah as she knows to do, took over the role of the interviewee is "above and beyond", magnificently, with exhaustive explanations and her vast knowledge, which were drunk up thirstily by the crew who filmed and recorded.]

They heard the  stories of the continual  harassment of the Ma'on Farm residents, the archeological excavations of the so-called "ancient synagogue" in this village, which turned out to be an invention, the  army which is supposed to keep the children from the neighborhood on their way to the school from the Ma'on Farm

We visited Nasser's "museum", although he was not at home, and we were very impressed with it. It reflects  what is happening to this village. The Italians volunteeres (Operation Dove) were not there.

We drove to Umm Fakra. Here the local Hajj comes to us - speaks Hebrew and tells in detail about their suffering, the settlements surrounding them, the harassment, the demolition, (a mosque and a school and we were standing right next to the rubble), about the water cistern that had been set up and then destroyed. Then there were the electric poles which had been thrown down and lay at the side of the road……All this in the effort to prevent the Palestinians from making their lives a bit more normal. We went to the home of the Fadal family in the cave. We there received with refreshments, the cakes of Ramadan and the interview was continued.

From there we traveled to Yatta so as  to give a ride to our hostess, Hadra and her daughter, and to view the edge of the city on the area of the ancient pools, which the municipality closed with fences to prevent the settlers from coming in droves and bathing in the pools.

The desire to visit a settlement (for example, Abigail) or an illegal outpost (for example, Asael) was rejected due to  the lack of time. Maybe on another tour soon ...

The boys seemed willing to hear more, we told about two cases of vineyards which had been cut down and they asked us to send them the report and the pictures, hoping that they will produce a successful and widely distributed film (and then all this reporting is unnecessary) ...