Etzion DCO: 100 years of prevention, no forgiveness

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Yael Israeli and Shlomit Steinitz (reporting and photography), Translation: Naomi Gal
Etzion DCL: What is green bloom, flowing freely? The sewer at the entrance to DCL.
הפלסטינים כיסו את המפגע ביריעות ברזנט, לשווא

The sewage continues to flow in the parking lot of DCL. The green color on the sewage is not fresh grass but the vegetation of stagnant water and the rest of the calamity that thrives in the puddle of sewage that pours into the parking lot. All around flies and gnats are having a feast. Not too long-ago the Palestinians brought sheets of tarpaulins to cover up the sewage flow, but in vain.

A Police prevented who was caught working in Israel without proper permits wants to remove his prevention. To do this he needs a form that is on the computer, but only the policeman who was supposed to be at the DCL can give it to him, but as usual there is no policeman at DCL. Until he receives the form, the man will not be able to handle the removal of his prevention. But then, who cares?

The absence of the policeman from DCL is a familiar and frequent problem. We encountered Palestinians who often come to DCL to receive service from the policeman, who is never there. One should address the police to inquire about the policeman’s duty to be present during reception hours.