Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Hagit Back (reporting and photographing); Natanya Ginsburg (translating)
A GSS business card

Meitar checkpoint on the way to work

We arrived at about six. Many Palestinians already on the Israeli side and a great commotion where the transport waits for them.

The whole checkpoint was flooded with business cards like the picture below.

The GSS is look for this member of the Hamas and if anyone knows his whereabouts and does not report, his work permit will be taken from him.

That is how it is with the occupation. There are the weak and there are the strong and the whole monstrous apparatus.

The parking lots do not meet the load and every day people just park where there is space.

The passage in the middle of the week does not take much time and people move quickly.

The new sleeves are functioning properly and we have not heard complaints.