Etzion DCL

Shlomit S., Ora A. Chana Stein translating.


10.45.  In the parking lot were 5 cars.  The waiting room was empty, no one entering or departing. We waited. After a long while a young man approached us.  He told us he was refused entry by the police and at long last, when this refusal was over, he was told that he was now refused entry by Security. We referred him to our colleagues who deal with Security refusals.

A man whom we had met last week arrived. He told us that his mother and all his brothers had Israeli blue identity cards.  He was the only member who wasn’t given one, and was told that he was ‘refused by Security.’  Today he brought all the necessary documents and hoped this refusal would be revoked.

After him a few people arrived who were admitted immediately.