The Occupation is absolving itself from responsibility for Palestinian farmers in Area C.

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Rina Tzur (Reporting) and a guest, Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham


We visited Burhan in Khalat Makhul whose flocks suffered significantly from the epidemic of sheep disease.  So far he has lost 130 sheep, mostly lambs.  Each lamb costs NIS 1,200 and he has consequently suffered damage of NIS 150,000, which is a significant part of his annual income.   This is a huge amount of money in the West Bank, where an average daily wage is NIS 70.    

Since the disease appeared in his flock two months ago he has had no income.  People are afraid to buy anything from him because they are afraid of the disease.  He has eight daughters and a small son, and he is the only breadwinner.  His oldest daughter is a university graduate in the field of education and had not been able to find work since the end of 2017.

They live in Area C which is under Israeli jurisdiction and military government.  There is no one in the civil administration who is willing to help.  When his herd was infected no one in the Jericho Liaison and Coordination Administration in Jericho were willing to talk with him and the administration in Beit El said they were not responsible.  The regional veterinarian from the Palestinian Authority was the person who vaccinated the flocks, but there is no one to talk to about getting financial help.   He will hopefully be able to receive a kashrut certificate from the regional veterinarian in Tubas five months after the disease has been cured.

There are evidently other flocks that have been affected by the disease, but their owners are unwilling to publicize it. 

There was an inspection at Hamra at 13:00.  There were no checks at Maaleh Ephraim or Zatra Checkpoints.