Etzion DCO: You sound like a Jewish mother

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Shlomit Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg

We had a very quiet day. This is the first time we have been back to the DCO since the lockdown. The Palestinians we spoke to all played down the Corona.


A very well spoken man  whose son is in Q wants him to visit but he cannot get permission. The son is 28 and he wants him to come home so as to marry him to someone in the village or the area. He does not want him to marry anyone he meets there.  We told him he sounds like a Jewish mother. He has daughters here but says he wants his son to come home and be with him. We gave him Hana Barag’s phone number.


Daoud Hassan asked us thank Sylvia for helping him some years ago when he was prevented but now he again has a problem. He was desperate to work as he has no one to help him and he has a little boy who has just had an operation. His permit had expired the day before and he was caught in Israel illegally and is now again prevented. He said he had no option and complained that there is no mutual help. He is the oldest of his family and since his father died he has been responsible for all . We told him to turn to Sylvia again.