Habla checkpoint - festive atmosphere

Jessica Z., Tirtsa A., Ronie P.
Festive atmosphere at the Habla checkpoint
Festive atmosphere at the Habla checkpoint
Ronny Perlman

Both at Azzun as well as at the agricultural gate of Habla, there is a festive atmosphere. Eid Al Adha – the feast of sacrifice. There are many people on the street, buying, travelling, slaughtering and preparing for the feast. On the other hand one hears about another difficult decree imposed on the farmers passing at Habla. It’s been a month during which one cannot transfer goods and at the Eliyahu pass all is difficult: the decrees, the dogs, the crowds, the loss of time and the unsympathetic attitude of the CP crew. That is life of people living under occupation. Just to wait for new decrees and my heart goes out to those trying to live with their family and to enjoy the festive.  This time there is a large number of new families for whom entrance is refused and who have no money to celebrate, or families whose children or fathers are new detaineesinfo-icon. It seems that except those who have good connections at Gaza, about two million people will not be entirely free to enjoy the holiday.