Rachela H., Noah L. (observers), J.H. (translation)

6:50-7:25 Tura-Shaked checkpoint

We arrive ten minutes before the checkpoint was due to open, along with the first of the Palestinians. Smelly trash is overflowing in every direction, drawing bees and flies.

At 7am soldiers arrive and open the checkpoint, but because it takes a while to get everything organized the first people cross through only at 7:15.

Now the crossing of pedestrians and vehicles proceeds without delay. Though there aren’t that many.


7:35-8:00 Barta’a Reihan checkpoint

It’s very crowded here: the upper parking lot is full and it’s hard to find a spot; many people are awaiting shared rides; lots of people are going up the sleeveinfo-icon.

In the terminal four stations are open and we don’t see a line in front of them. Everything seems to be flowing without delay and we are told “today all is well.” We timed a few people’s crossing at five minutes. Now fewer people seem to be arriving and one of the stations closes. We observe one man who is prevented from entering the seam zone, but since he can’t enter the terminal we can’t determine exactly what happened – a revoked permit, lack of permission, or….

When we left there was almost no traffic at the terminal, and most of those waiting in the parking lot had already driven off.

On the way back we saw that the tobacco harvest has begun – the lower leaves and the first חצבים.