Southern Hebron Mountains: A stressful shift

Hagit Back (report, photos)
פחי זבל גדולים מפויחים מהצתות

I went out to this vigil filled with fear and tension. A planned war, timed, igniting a fire intended to save the head of a corrupt Prime Minister. I remind myself of the mantra: “Palestinians must see and hear a different kind of Israelis” and went ahead.

At Meitar checkpoint there is much less traffic than usual. Only people over 45 years of age and holders of farm work permits are allowed through.

The hole in the fence through which masses of Palestinians used to pass – is closed now.

We drove all along the roads and at every junction we saw the remains of yesterday’s protests.

At Beit Anoun junction passersby speak of massive use of rubber-coated steel pellets and teargas grenades. About 20 people have been arrested and there are many wounded.

When will things be good? They ask.

Haniya and Netanyahu are good friends… I quote A.: there’s no problem to just go on fighting.

We passed the remnants of the riots at Bani Naim, where a young boy was killed by a rubber-coated bullet. The gate to Yatta from Zif junction has been closed for a week now. Every evening or afternoon riots resume.

A hearty notice of the erection of a new Jewish settler-colony inside Hebron decorates the bus stops of the South Hebron Hills settler-colonies.