Report during corona days - villages along Road 443

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Ronit R. - telephone report in corona days; Translator: Natanya

I spoke with A. about an open police case from 2014 which we are trying to help close, with the help of attorney Tamir Blank. I asked about how they were doing and about the situation in his village and he, for his part, asked how we were doing.

There are no sick people  in Beit Ghur Al-Tahta, but in the nearby villages there are - 5 in Khirbet al-Mazbah and another 5-6 in Beit Likiya. To the best of his knowledge, these are workers who have returned from work in Israel. The road between the villages is not blocked (it is doubtful if they have another road through the villages), but people avoid gong out because of the fear of the disease. There are supplies in the shops, but many people are in financial distress and there is no help from the PA. Concerns about how they will mange in  the month of Ramadan and the Eid al-Fitr holiday ...