Azzun - no army in the village, a feeling of freedom

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Tzvia Sh. - report by telephone; Translator: Hanna K.

Report in Corona days

This morning I again talked with our friends Z. from Azzun and his wife S. They are enclosed in their houses out of  fear of the Corona, but they have not heard that somebody in their village has got the disease. On the other hand there is no army in the village, and after a long difficult time during which the army literally drove the villagers crazy, it is quiet now and peaceful, there are no soldiers at the entrance to the village, the children do not throw stones, there are no arrests and there is a feeling of freedom.

But on the other hand the Palestinian police forbids people to go out to the streets, and whoever does walk on the street, the Palestinian police catches and punishes him. They miss our visits with them and wait that all this will pass, just as we do.

As they make a living from second hand objects that are supplied to them mainly by the Machsom Watch women, the shop is literally empty. In the meantime they have spent all their savings which they had accumulated during the summer (they wished to buy a piece of land of their own). As they don’t have a bank account I am looking for a way to transfer money to them, to avoid them remaining without means to buy even bread.