A’anin: The virus does not differentiate between Muslims and Jews

Report by Neta Golan during the Corona Crisis translated by Bracha Ben Avraham


Neta Golan submitted an interesting telephone report

I called our friend M., a resident of the village of A’anin.  M. asked immediately how I was and I asked about his family.  Fortunately all of us are in good health.

I called in ord3er to learn whether the A’anin agricultural checkpoint was open on Monday and Wednesday mornings and afternoons as usual  during the quarantine.  M. reported that the checkpoint had not been opened on either day.  No one wanted to leave home.  M. reported: “Just like you, everyone is a afraid to go out.  They only leave home if it is absolutely essential.” 

I asked M. if he knows any construction workers who went to work in Israel for one or two months according to the regulations during the days of the Corona virus.  M. Doesn’t know anyone, only people who are afraid to leave home.  No one goes out unless they have to.  We agreed that Corona does not differentiate between Israelis and Palestinians or between Jews, Muslims, or Christians.  We expressed hope that our leaders would learn from the virus.

Unfortunately I don’t have the phone number of any of the many construction workers who work in Harish near the Barta’a checkpoint. 

Luckily the Palestinians who live in the northwestern of the West Bank, there are no hostile settlers who uproot trees, burn orchards, or throw rocks.