Habla Checkpoint (1393)

Dina A., Nina S. (reporting); Translator: Hanna K.

Habla CP

The occupation routine... There are those who compliment the soldiers, but all told,  everything is depressing.

So what if they “treat the people who cross over well”? It still is the occupation, and one needs a permit to reach one’s place of work!

06:20 The soldiers are already here but it takes them another 5 minutes to open the gatesinfo-icon, while the main gate which serves to reach the plant nurseries remains closed but isn’t locked, and the persons who pass by it have each time to open and close it.

The people at the entrance to the passage lane push and quarrel a bit, but quickly somebody takes commands and arranges the queue, and peace is maintained. The passage is quick.

Bicycle riders are pestered and are asked – after they have passed the checking in the building, the magnometer and all the rest, to open their sacks and bags again and to show everything. One had also to undergo a corporal check and was patted up and down.

When somebody doesn’t shut the gate after passing, a soldier comes and does it.