Duma, Za'tara (Tapuah)

Raya, Pitzi (reporting and photographing), ‘Aaref (driving) Translator: Charles K.

The sun is shining at Duma; the rooster spreads his wings.


Hussein awaited us in Duma with his entire family.  Everyone’s sitting outside in the sun – Hussein’s grandmother and grandfather, his mother – generations – and some childre playing with Ahmad. 

IMG_7262 (2).JPG

Ahmad’s busy and happy.  He’s “building a house” for Hussein.  Hussein says it’s hard for the child to leave him, doesn’t trust any other member of the family.

We came to keep in touch with the family and try to help Hussein find work, but Hussein still can’t leave Ahmad who isn’t willing to part from him even for an hour. 

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This week they’ll begin receiving therapy to help Ahmad deal with separations.

Ahmad is still being treated at Tel Hashomer.  He’ll need a few more operations.  Hussein asks us to come to the hospital when they are there.  He needs support, and maybe company as well.

Hussein has nothing but praise for Prof. Khaik and Dr. Somech.  He’s extremely grateful for what they’ve done for the family.  It doesn’t compensate for the terrible thing that happened to them, but shows there are also other kinds of Israelis.

After visiting Ahmad’s new home, which is still empty, we drive back.

We had planned also to visit Qusra, but we didn’t have time.  A few days later we read that soldiers entered Qusra “by mistake,” were attacked by the residents, and the head of the village rescued them and transferred them to the army.

A village with brave people.

Palestinian vehicles are inspected at Tapuah junction, but there’s no congestion.

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15:30.  Back to Rosh Ha’ayin.