The land is ours, the sons of Ibrahim/Abraham - Hebron

Hagit Sar Shalom and Nina; Translator: Natanya

Because of the traffic jam on road 60 we “enjoyed” another ¾ hour on the road until we got to the shoket crossroads. One and a half instead of ¾. As in other days the area seems quiet. All the entrances to the villages are open.

There is hardly any army presence in the area.

Hebron also seems fairly quiet. Now and again groups of tourists. It seems they are with local guides. At the army post the soldiers (border police) who are opposite Abed do not allow a young man to go to one of the neighboring shops. Abed and two of his neighbours, owners of the shops, go to the soldiers to tell them that this is permitted without a permit. The soldiers are  convinced but say that  they may only go  to those specific shops. This is the first time that Abed’s wife has sat with us (after giving us tea).

To Abed as always there is something to say about the situation. He says that he saw that there was a group called Women Wage Peace which includes women settlers. And they themselves steal lands. He agrees with those who say: "We will all live here together, the land belongs to all of us - the sons of Abraham / Ibrahim. It is time to stop currying up to  the US. They make money at the expense of our lives . We really want peace! Enough wars ... we do not want Netanyahu nor Abu Mazen... Why should not I live in Tel Aviv, for example.

There are many students in the streets who have already left school at 11, according to Abed – the teachers are busy with something else.

There were hardly any people on the streets.

There is no problem passing through the checkpoint at Kafisha. At the grocery shop we bought Labana and Makhluta.

We were shocked by the huge new checkpoints, here and in Tel Rumeida, and so on.

  M. suggests that there may be a new commander who has decided to calm things down a bit ..?

We have not calmed down.