The kindergarten in Umm al Kheir

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Muhammad and Ariela  (reporting and photographing); Tranlator :Natanya
גן הילדים באום אל ח'יר
ספריה אבל לא הרבה צעצועים

We went out with a car loaded with boxes that Zvia had collected for a new preschool in Umm al-Kheir. On the way there, passing on Route 317, the electricity company was connecting the illegal settlements and outposts with  a new electricity grid: Asael, farms of Gedaliah, Mitzpe Yair, Abigail, Havat Maon, Maon and Carmel.

A new outpost - a trailer and a large water tank - can be seen in front of Susiya. I wouldn't be surprised if soon the way is paved and the outpost  will be connected to the electricity and water network,  something which the Palestinians cannot even dream of.

We reached the Umm al-Kheir kindergarten after the children have finished studying. We unloaded the crates and helped a little to sort out the mess the kids left behind. Many thanks to Zvia for the amount of  equipment she collected for the kindergarten. The children will enjoy this so much.

The Umm al-Kheir community center and beyond the fence the Carmel settlement are very green.

In the meantime you can see that there are not many toys in the garden but there is a library.

The roads were all open without barriers or the presence of military vehicles as if there is no occupation.