Shlomit S. Ora A., Translation: Naomi Gal

11:00 We met several GSS and police prevented. An older Palestinian whose family is from Beit Safafa (an Arab neighborhood in southern Jerusalem), complained that they prevent him from meeting with his family because he is "police prevented." Previously he was caught without papers when he worked in Israel. He is unable to remove the prevention and get a permit to meet with his family. Another police prevented said that when he was 14 years old he participated with his friends in an attempt to make explosives. He is currently 25 years old and has not done anything illegal, besides entering Israel without a permit to work (like many thousands). He seeks to remove the prevention imposed because of a childhood offense, but to no avail. On police record it says his prevention is permanent. 
Another Palestinian whose wife is from Beit Safafa, said he was in jail for a year and a month and was released in a plea bargain (which he says he did not admit). He was apparently accused of membership in an unlawful organization since he was a member of a youngsters’ group (which was probably a discussion group). When he was released, he could not get blue identity card (Israeli). Most of his family has blue cards. Now his sick son is occasionally hospitalized at the hospital "Shaare Zedek". He requests, and doesn’t receive, an entry permit to Israel to tend to his son. Another man, whose wife is Jordanian, said he was prevented from leaving Israel to go to Jordan and his wife is prevented from entering the West Bank. She was given a permit to enter the West Bank for a week only. She seeks to extend the permit to be able to live with her husband in the West Bank. They were followed by two other prevented. We tried to help them all.