South Hebron Hills

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Nurit Badash and Mohammad; Translator: Natanya
זנותא - בביקור אצל פארס סמאמרה
ואדי ראדים - ביקור אצל אבו סאפי


We visited Fares Samamra who said that yesterday a settler on an ATV approached his sons who were trying to fence a plot of pasture on their own land  of course. The aforementioned tried to harass and threaten them but they resisted him and claimed that this is their land and that he should leave, otherwise they would call the police and he did leave.

In the farm above them they paved a peripheral dirt road at half the height, the highest degree.

We continued to Abu Safi - with his wife Nauras and their beautiful children. With them – their world is as usual, the bullying, the thefts and their eternal optimism and the smile that strengthens the hope.