Etzion DCL

Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal


10:45 35 people were waiting in the hall. A youngster said that when he arrived at 9:00 he received number 57 and saw they were letting in number 23, but since then they didn’t let anyone in. We wrote and phoned officer A. At 11:20 they let in seven people.

An older man complained that his employer owes him 1,000 Shekels and refuses to pay him back. We referred him to Hannah from workers' rights hotline and she promised to help. A man came out who said he had police prevention and wanted to get a printout of the prevention, but could not since the policeman was not present, although these are reception hours. We referred him to Etzion police station where he was able to get the printout. We gave him as well the phone numbers of those who handle police affairs. A person who was injured in a work accident and is being treated at HMO in Mekor- Baruch, Jerusalem, was sent by the doctor to a local pharmacy. This time, unlike on previous occasions, they refused to sell him the drug after seeing his identity card. A woman who sought to enter at once since she left her young children alone at home, managed to talk to the soldier on duty and was let in. At 12:00, when we left, about 50 desperate people were still waiting.