Settlers with dogs frighten Palestinian shephers on their private land

Muhammad and Daphna; Translator: Natanya

Meitar checkpoint, on Sunday is full of cars in the parking lot, even though due to the heat wave and Ramadan, many did not go to work.

We went to Zanuta, following their invitation because yesterday, Saturday, the  Tal family, accompanied by friends and volunteers, took the sheep to pasture, in their territories! And reached the cistern, which is close to the new outpost in front of them. It turns out that the settlers took / hid the rope and bucket of the well and the sheep could not be watered!  Remember the days are hot ....While the Palestinians were there , settlers arrived with dogs, masked and began to frighten the sheep and push them towards the village and only then, went their way.

They called the police, who came from Kiryat Arba, but simply embraced the settlers ... No complaint has been filed yet by the Palestinians, because they are desperate ... They have to prove that this is their land, and there is an attorney who helps them, but there is also a tedious procedure for getting the documents from the administration.

It is important to note that until recently, they had no problems at all with the settlers, until they reached the hill opposite them.

They point out that they are extreme (Are they from Regavim?) ...

The despair and helplessness in the face of the authorities' disregard for the problems which the settlers are causing is growing.