Corona Times Report: Duma – there is mutual responsibility between the families

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Hadas Carmi transfers a telephone report

From my nearly daily contact with H. from Duma village, I learn that people in the village are very carefully observing rules of hygiene and distancing themselves from other families. At the entrance to the village stand guards appointed by the village elder, and every resident of Duma who left the village and came back with his vehicle must subject it to water and chlorine rinse by the guards.

This village has created a mutual-help fund for families having a hard time economically so that families lacking food supplies are aided by other clans. H. told me that he knows that in Aqraba funds have also been raised to help weaker families.

H.'s entire family has been helping weed the fields, turn the soil over and prepare the olive tree grove. They have gathered wild Hubeiza leaves to feed the sheep.

I have been sending musical videos, and A., H.'s grandson, recalls the days he was hospitalized at Sheba, how I played percussion instruments with him. He found a xylophone at home and has been playing it with considerable talent. Naturally, a recording was sent to me immediately, with great pride. I was amazed that A., being 5 years old, remembered the percussion episode at the hospital...

H.'s 6-months old grandson lives with his mother, H.'s daughter-in-law, in Auja.. H. is worried because Auja has one Corona-virus patient who was in contact with the woman's brother. H. has been begging his daughter-in-law to move with her son into isolation at home in Duma, the house built for his son who was killed in an electrocution accident last year.