Falamiya, Nabi Ilyas

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Yehudit K., Shoshi A. (reporting and photographing).  Translator:  Charles K.

8.4.2017 palamya lemons.jpg
A tractor comes through, loaded with fresh lemons.  Photography: Shoshi A.   18.4.2017


Construction of the road bypassing Nebi Ilyas proceeds apace.  The work began after olive trees were uprooted.  The demonstrations, some of which we have joined, didn’t help.  The sovereign does the settlers’ bidding.


We stopped at the shop.  Z. is at home because of a fire.  It was extinguished, but it damaged family property.

On the way to Falamya we pick up a hitchhiker from Kafr Jamal, who tells us:  "Enough wars.  You’re not going anywhere, we’re not going anywhere, we must learn to live together.  One state for all. That’s what I said to an Israeli officer who visited us.  I’ve worked throughout Israel.  I’m familiar with every town.  I have more Israeli friends than Palestinian friends."

12:45  Falamya, checkpoint 914. 

The pedestrian passage in the background serves Palestinians only in the morning, when many people are crossing.

The military jeep arrives on time and the checkpoint opens immediately.  We and the camerainfo-icon are ignored.  The Palestinians also say, “These guys are alright.”  If only everyone were…

Three tractors and seven pedestrians enter.

Three tractors, two bicyclists and three pedestrians exit.

A. points to the landscape and says:  "That entire area was once citrus groves.  They were all replaced by the fence.  What a mess they created for us.  Who needs the fence, the security road…they’re the reason we can’t make a living.  What a waste of fertile land." 

He’s the only one with a permit to get to his land.  His adult children can’t obtain permits and they’re home with nothing to do.  He can’t understand it.  Neither can we.

13:10  The unit closes the checkpoint after everyone on both sides has gone through.  We drive on a dirt road to the Falamya south checkpoint, 935

Three people are waiting in the canopied area for the checkpoint to open, focused on their smartphones. One has a bicycle carrying a container of insecticide and the other two have a donkey cart.

That’s it.