Hagit (watching, reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
המדרגות,הילדים והמורות
המדרגות,הילדים והמורות

The Cordoba school is located in the middle of Shuhada Street in Hebron on a hill opposite Hadassah House and is well known for the harassment of Palestinian residents of the area by the settlers.

The ascent by steps to the  school is permitted only to school children and to the teachers. The list is at the checkpoint at the bottom of the stairs.

We rose  early and arrived in Hebron while the children were going to school.

Since the TIPH foreign observers were removed by the Israeli government, the nonviolent resistance movement in Hebron (Palestinians) decided to place observers on their own  behalf as part of their struggle to open Shuhada Street to the Palestinians.

This morning they were not there, but a large group of military men were there, headed by the brigade commander of the Judea brigade and the battalion commander of the Tzabar battalion from Givati, who are now in charge of the sector. There were also Ofer Ohana and Anat Cohen who did not spare me their curses. There was also a police van.

The children and the teachers went to school without being checked.

At the top of the stairs were the peace activists of the Anglican Churches.

Opponents of the Palestinian occupation did not come today and that's why there was not the usual friction..

המורות בדרך לבית הספר
המדרגות,הילדים והמורות