Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Muhammad and Daphna; Translator: Natanya

According to Mohammשd, at the Meitar checkpoint, there was great pressure in the morning, after a few days without work (due to the "round" in Gaza). We went through 317 and the way, after Susiya which goes to  Koasis and Al Fakara is blocked.

We came to Al Tuwani. We arrived at Nasser's house and  Basel’s home, who  was bitten by a settler's dog. Nasser said that on Friday they went to the Yatta market, and Basel met with a French journalist, with whom they went out to see the areas of the villages in the area. There were also people from Taayush and Basel explained to them what was happening in the area of  El Fakara’s  territory. In the process, he saw a Palestinian, with his sons, who cultivates an area close to the  Maon farm and 6 settlers left the forest and approached the farmer. He called on activists in the village to come to help and Basel  also went there. The settlers began to approach along a  way which is forbidden to them. One of them came with a dog and released him, so that he would chase the Palestinians. At that point, the dog was still held by  the leash, one of the Italians in the group photographed when the dog attacked Basel. The settler tried to pull the dog away but was unsuccessful. Many  people came from the village and the surroundings and police and army arrived. Some of the settlers fled, including the dog owner. But we know who it is. The settlers were sent away and the Palestinians asked to disperse.

This time they did not close the area and an ambulance was called . They have not yet filed a complaint, but want to file. There is also a debate about a lawsuit against the dog owner.

A year ago a similar case happened with a dog, with the same farmer. Recently, according to Nasser, the settlers are becoming more and more provoking. He said that the villagers in the area have  organized and there is  a kind of committee of village representatives, both to defend and to create pressure. Nasser wants all the organizations involved (Machsomwatch, Taayush , B'Tselem, Yesh Din and others) to meet with them, think about plans how to cope with the problem