Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Michal Tsadik; Translator: Natanya

We die while standing.

A facebook friend from a village over the green line, not far from Modiin.

Who are we? I ask. The Palestinian answers, “I got up this morning and said that I was going to fetch something from Ramallah and immediately return as I had something to do at my garage. So on the way there was a checkpoint (remember that this is area A) and when I got there I was asked where I was going. I said to Ramallah and was told to go back. Why I asked. The soldier said to me ,”Just so because that is what I feel like doing and there is no more to be said.” I went back. What could I do? He has the rifle. He can kill me and I cannot raise a hand against him. So this is where the radical Islam begins you understand. It is like this each day and never ends. This is the checkpoint I have to go through each day to Ramallah from my village. So why should I not try to leave,

One day they will wake up. You understand now? I am against the radical Islam. But before it was not radical. It never was and never will be. The martyrs are not martyrs. They simply decided it was not worth while to live and it is not connected to Islam. I don’t know. The world has gone mad.

We only have to wait for a world war and to finish with all this. Whatever happens I will die. We stand and we die.

This a man says to me who is peaceful and quiet. Every day he comes to work for us the whole day from morning to night so as to provide for his family and he has a permit.

Hebron - …what does Noam Arnon truly say to his visitors from overseas?

All the way to Hebron Route 60 is quiet and the traffic as usual.

Only at the entrance to Deir Razih armed soldiers walk along the side of the road.

Hebron is also quiet in every corner. As usual, ghost like from the Tomb of the Patriarchs to Tel Rumeida. The new checkpoints in the Kafisha neighborhood, and next to the old cemetery, the Habad plot and next to Hana Abu Heikal's house, are also redefining anew the area of H1and H2

Abed at the souvenir shop near the Tomb of the Patriarchs says that Noam Arnon used to come and drink tea or coffee and speak to him pleasantly compared to Ofer Ohana and his friends. One day, some time ago, he arrived with guests from abroad and drank coffee and tea at Abed's house. He told them in English that all the Palestinians here were terrorists and wanted to kill the Jews. Noam, whose son speaks fluent English, changed colors and was silent, and asked him if he was not ashamed of himself to lie so and to be so hypocritical. He no longer comes to drink coffee at Abed's shop.