Etzion DCO: Quiet shift

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Netanya Ginzburg and Shlomit Steinitz

A quiet shift. Again a meeting with a trader who said that the previous day everyone except he had received a permit to enter Israel. We told him to phone Sylvia. He said he had done so and she had not replied. We told him he needed patience and afterwards, quietly, he admitted that he should have tried again.


Hanna Barag is dealing with the Palestinian whose wife is seriously ill. She lives in Beit Zafafa and they have several small children. He had come again to try his luck in getting a permit for more than one day.


Another Palestinian who had no patience showed us a strange fine. It seemed to be from Egged for having not paid his fare on the bus. It was hard to understand and as we were asking one of the other Palestinians to explain he said someone was waiting for him and rushed off.


But what stayed in our mind from the shift was that on the way back we stopped to buy fruit from a stall at the side of the road. A settler woman ( at any rate she and her husband religious) also buying peaches and when the seller asked her for ten shekel she said she only had eight though she was standing with her purse in the hand. By the way they had a very big and smart car. The seller refused and she went to ask her husband who also refused. Shlomit told them they should be ashamed of themselves in no uncertain terms. They drove off without buying but not before they had curses Shlomit