Etzion DCO: He has a job in Hebron but the city is in the Corona quarantine

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Shlomit Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg (photos, reporting)

10:30 – 12:40

The following people approached us.

A man who has been prevented for three years because someone who had a grudge fingered him. He is accused of selling arms. The army has twice been to his home which they searched and found nothing. He has twice been in the courts but nothing came of it.  We gave him Sylvia’s details.

A man had been sent by a Jewish employer, Yitzchak .. to bring back wood from a forest in the area. It sounds as if this Yitzchak is a security officer for one of the settlements. But our man did not know the names of the settlement . In the beginning he said he had only gathered wood but later that he had cut down branches. His Mercedes car, a benzine saw and wood were all confiscated. He has spoken to Yizchak once but  since then he does not answer.  He does have a recording  of a conversation he had with him. We told him to make sure that he had a copy. Sylvia gave us the names of various lawyers who could help him.

It is sometimes very difficult even with an interpreter to understand these cases. They start off simply  with a statement and to unravel them is like reading a convoluted detective novel.

A man whose wife lives in Jerusalem and of course  he wants to join her. We gave him the phone number of New Family.

A man who had Corona and has since been tested and is now well. But his place of work is in Hebron.  He came to the DCO to have his permit renewed but was told that he would have to wait until the entire district was declared clean. He was told that it was a problem of all Hebron. This is the certificate which was issued to him after he was checked for Corona.

A man who had been asked by his employer to find a worker with a permit at the Bethlehem checkpoint. He found him on the Israeli side.It seemed that the man had a permit to go to a hospital but not to work. So when they were sitting having coffee the border police stopped them and arrested the employer and the worker. The police phoned him a few times but did not tell him that they were taking the permit from him. Sylvia!!

Several people were referred as always to Sylvia. One said that he had been in touch with her two years ago and she had been unable to help him. We told him to speak to her again.