Etzion DCL: Fines swell to ten thousand of shekels.

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Ora A.  Shlomit  , Translation: Naomi Gal

10:45 we arrived for a brief shift. In the waiting hall, there was only one person summoned by GSS. He was let in shortly after our arrival. An older woman arrived, confused and desperate, and asked for our help. She did not speak a word of Hebrew. Through an interpreter we were able to understand that her son is prevented from entering Israel and she wants to take care of removing his prevention. She thought that since he is prevented, he is forbidden from coming to DCL. She was let in, but was not dealt with because in her son's identity card, which she brought, says he is a resident of Abu Dis, although he is a resident of Bethlehem. Also, a letter from her son’s employer was not accepted, because the letter is “an old letter”- a month-and-half old. After her arrived an elderly man who wanted to meet the policeman to handle traffic fines amounting to NIS 500 that he was charged and were now overdue. But the policeman, as usual, was not around. The man was at a loss. To solve the problem, we drove him to the post office in Elon Shvut, where he had to pay an additional fine for late fee. He paid 788 shekels instead of 500 shekels, the amount of the original fine. After paying, he asked the clerk to check whether he owes other penalties. She checked and said that he has no traffic fines, but he owes for administrative penalties (she was unable to explain what they are) for a total amount of 75,000 shekels. Yes, 75 thousand! The astonished man said he had no idea what and why. We advised him to get details of the fines at the police, their nature and origin, and send the information to Sylvia. Fines swell to ten thousand of shekels.