Etzion DCL

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Hedva Brilliant reporting. Natanya Ginsburg translating.

We arrived at the DCO at 9.20. In the parking area were 20 cars while the reception area was practically empty. One man was sitting and waiting for a friend.

People arrived and immediately went in.  Some for an appointment with the  GSS.

The reception area and toilets very clean. The woman soldier efficient and dealing with everyone as they arrived.

Quite a large number of ultra orthodox and religious men arrive at the Employment Office.

On the door is a notice in Hebrew only that from 28.8.2016 to 1.9.2016 the office will be closed as a result of a centralized vacation  of all the staff.

Because it was very quiet and very few people came we left after about an hour.

On the way to the car we met a Palestinian lawyer who said that he was representing a man who wished to travel to Mecca but although he had no security offences he was not allowed to leave Israel. This  prohibition will expire the day after his permit will already be invalid and he will not be able to travel.

On the same day in the afternoon Hedva met a good friend , a Moslem woman from Araba who teaches at the University of Al Najah. She said that even though the studies at the university are recognized by the Council for  Higher education for medicine, social work, education and  languages the passage at Jalama and Jenin opens only at 8.00 every morning. So, she says, as half of the students at Al Najah are residents of Israel they cannot get  to their studies on time. This also goes for people who cannot get to work on time.