South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

Hagit (watching, reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
זול להשתייך למתנחלים. אף מילה על מה שהתנחלות נגוהות עושה לכפר  חורסה

The days pass, the year passes and the melody of the occupations lingers on.

Nothing in particular happened on this shift.

We have all gotten used to it and put our heads in the sand.

Next to the pillbox at the Saddle Junction (Route 35, Route 60) there  is a shooting range. All the security coordinators of the settlements have  gathered there, it is amazing to see the kippot and tzitzit and the uniforms of IDF soldiers, The lords of the land.

The red sign warning Israelis not to enter Palestinian areas has been  taken down next to the pillbox at the Idna - Tarqumiya junction. 

The owner of the grocery store tells us that everything is great. He is a member of the Bereaved Families Forum and has received decent  medical treatment from the State of Israel and wants the one state solution ...

At Tarqumiya the line of trucks passes quickly and the parking lot is full.

It pays  to belong to the settler community  ... nothing more needs to be said . For example what  the settlement of Negohot is doing to the village of Hursa  for example.

At the checkpoint on the road of Negohot - only settler cars are allowed to enter and leave.

I did not have the strength to enter Hebron.