Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Hannah H. with the driver, Pierre

Marcia L, Translation

05:55 – 07:30

05:55 – Barta’a Checkpoint

Despite the closureinfo-icon, the checkpoint is already open as usual at 05:55.  The seamstresses pass through (most of them) along with people who have agricultural permits and permits to work in the industrial zone of Shahak or Barta’a. The parking lots are empty; trucks carrying merchandise are waiting for the inspection station to open. In the terminal, 6 inspection windows are open. The slight traffic flows quickly. Seated next to me is a manager of a marble factory in Barta’a, who has passed through the checkpoint and is waiting for two of his sons, who work with him, to exit.  He asks if I believe that there will be peace. All he wants is to work so he could earn enough money to build a home for his sons and marry them off. Residents of Barta’a and night-shift workers in Shahak pass through from the Seamline Zone to the West Bank.

06:30 – Tura Checkpoint

The soldiers come and open the checkpoint. On the West Bank side, there are already workers and 3 cars. The passage through the checkpoint begins at 06:40 and 5 minutes after that the first workers and cars leave the checkpoint. The passage is especially slow. In all, 30 workers and 14 cars pass through to the Seamline Zone and 5 cars to the West Bank.  One of the people with whom we are acquainted tells us about the choking feeling of the West Bank; another tells us that sometimes the soldiers (especially the Druze), scheme against the high school students who have no identity cards, delay them, and inspect them at the checkpoint.

07:15 – The students begin to arrive and pass through the checkpoint quickly without any problems.