Update during Corona: Yatta - not accepted for cancer checkup at Ichilov Hospital, placed under quarantine upon reaching home

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Shoshi Anbar; Translator: Natanya

Report in Corona days

. for many months, a taxi driver had  gained permission to bring his daughter, a cancer patient, to Ichilov for periodic exams on Monday, March 16, 2020.

How did he manage to get approval after so many promises that his prevention would last for years and there was no point in turning to the DCO – but the DCO found a solution.

But when they came to Ichilov with the  assistance of the “The Road to Recovery” (Israelis who drive Palestinians to the hospitals and back), they were not let in because of the Corona. It was also impossible to have coffee at the mall. Everything was hermetically closed.

When he returned to his home, he  was informed that he had to be two weeks in isolation as he had come from Israel. So also his livelihood was taken away ..

He says there are no cases of corona in Hebron and Yatta. Since Friday the mosque is closed. Today, food stores are also closed. A hermetic curfew.