Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Yehudit K (reporting), Mohammad D

Routine Sunday at the Meitar checkpoint: Labourers lining up to enter the sleeveinfo-icon that will lead them to the checking area. Would be "illegals" (those without permits) trying to evade the police who are tracking them down behind the area where the trucks are checked.  Route 60 is exceptionally busy, it seems that on the eve of the forthcoming Purim holiday every settler is out there getting ready for the festivities, even though the holiday in the "rural" settlements is on Thursday and on Friday in Hebron which was a walled city at the time of Joshua Ben Nun...Along the route, despite the fact that the early morning checkpoints have been removed, a confused atmosphere of celebration and depression.  Along Route 317 lively movement of settlers, but no special incidents.  Building and preparation of land carries on apace.  After the rain, everything is green and lush and most of our Palestinian friends are out pasturing their flocks. We return to Beer Sheva, not happy but at least without running into a crazy Purim celebrator!