Tirtsa A. and Ronny P.

We arrived at Azzun around 11:30. On the way we saw a queue many kilometers long of Israeli and Palestinian cars in one enormous traffic jam.

At the entrance to Azzun there were three soldiers who talked with us pleasantly, and did not fully understand how we dared go in. We told them about the family we know and about its difficult situation. They allowed us to enter and gave us their phone number in case we needed help. When we left the soldiers weren’t there anymore.  They probably didn’t know until when they were supposed to secure the village.

In the village itself life was as usual: people working, women buying and children coming back from school with backpacks, just like students in Tel Aviv. But the family talked with great sorrow and concern about the people in the village of the terrorist, after the terrorist attack which doesn’t help anybody.

On the way back, realizing that all the checkpoints were closed, we were in a traffic jam for two hours until we reached a CP from which the road was free. It was a sad day for everybody yesterday. In the traffic jam there was a coexistence between the Israeli and the Palestinian drivers. We advanced very slowly, and all of us hooted at Jewish and Palestinian drivers who tried to overtake on the road brims.