Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935)

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Herzlia E., Nina S. (reporting); Translator: Hanna K.

Falamiya checkpoints


The occupation routine. The Palestinians complain very much about the opening hours in the afternoon, which are too late for them. They finish work towards 16:00 and have to wait at Falamiya North till 17:30 (at Falemiya South/Jayyus till 17: 00) in order to return home – very wasted hours. They claim that they have complained a few times, but to no avail.


17.05 Falamiya South/Jayyus CP 935


Tractors pass, as well as carts and trucks. On all of them hang people some of whom hitch-hike in this way to the their field or plantation which is remote from the gate, or to another gate which is remote from their home (about 4 kms). They complained about the crew which has opened the gate in the morning. The passage takes place like an ongoing dribble until the closureinfo-icon of the gate at 17:20.


17:30 Falamiya North CP 914


Everybody, without exception, complains about the late hour at which the gate is opened in the afternoon, about their having to wait about an hour and a half during which time the flies gnaw at them, that they have to waste for no reason the time they wish to spend at home, where they also have other chores. The complaints to the DCO and to anybody who is prepared to listen don't help.


One man undergoes a meticulous check, is seems they can't find any documentation testifying that he left here in the morning (perhaps a mistake in the typing of his number).It takes about 20 minutes during which a friend of his, or his employer,  who has already passed is called back too for interrogation, until the time for the closure of the gate arrives and he is released to go on his way.


At 17:55 the gate is shut, a few minutes before the scheduled time but it doesn't seem as if more people would arrive - everybody arrived well before the gate has been opened when they finished they working day.


They begin according to the time the gate is opened in the morning at 05:30-06:10! This means they stay about 12 hours outside!