Habla - complaints about a rude soldier

Nina S., Herzliyya E. Translator: Judith Green

A quiet day. Only one soldier disturbed the peace.

07:15 - The checkpoint opened and people were sent in groups of 5 for inspection by the soldiers.  Today people were passing through - there were quite a few and many vehicles at the passage for vehicles since the gate for pedestrians was not able to be opened.  Suddenly, we heard shouts from one of the soldiers - expelling rudely some of the people to the back of the line.  The commander calmed him down.  Also one of the people passing through complained about the soldiers shouting at them and talking to them in a very coarse way.  A minibus also went through with women teachers from the Bedouin school  The inspections were quite thorough.

It is amazing that recently we have not seen the girls from the Bedouin tribes who live in the area in between the fence and the green line travelling to the high school in Habla.  We will try to clarify the reason the next time we are here.

08:05 - Everyone went through and the area is empty.  Only a few more come through, plus a few cars.

08:12 - They close the gate.