Surprise, surprise!

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Netanya G. (photo) Shlomit S. Ora A. (report) Translation: Naomi Gal
הודעה בערבית על שינוי נוהל כרטיס מגנטי

The toilet cells that disappeared from the DCL yard, have been resurrected and they are now standing new and ready to serve the waiting people.

Today, the new procedure for receiving magnetic cards began. People who until now have received them at Etzion DCL, will, starting today, receive them in Tarkumia. The procedure does not yet apply to Bethlehem, Beth-Jala, and Beth-Sahour, but applies to all the surrounding villages. A taxi driver told us that because of the new procedure, a passenger who paid ten shekels for a joint trip from Bethlehem to DCL would now have to pay fifty shekels each way. He added that he also took into account the fines they impose for “every nonsense” at the many police checkpoints on the way.

We met today nine AGAM prevented. Apparently, this prevention has now become popular and very difficult to get rid of.

A desperate man approached us, he found out that his prevention (entry into Israel) will end in 2099. We advised him how to try to remove it.