Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Observers:  Rochele H., Noa L. (reporting) Chana Stein translating.

07.00 – 07.30.  Turah – Shaked checkpoint.

Seven in the morning and the gatesinfo-icon are wide open, but passage has not yet started. On the w.Bank side there are a few people waiting, and two cars. Time passes and still nobody crosses. Only at 7.30 does the first person emerge from the checkpoint’s sleeveinfo-icon, and he tells us that the computer is stuck, hence the delay.

Altogether there are few people passing today, in both directions, and few vehicles. Nevertheless, passage is very  slow, Half an hour since official opening time (at 7) not everyone has managed to pass.

07.40 – 08.10.  Barta’ah – Reihan.

Here passage is at its peak.  The upper parking lot is full of people waiting for transport and of transport vehicles, and in the sleeve groups of people come out of the checkpoint. In the checkpoint itself 4 windows are open and passage is quick. We measured 5-10 minutes passage for a number of people. Indeed, two of those emerging told us that today everything is “chick-chack.”

When we left, the parking lots were almost empty.