Etzion DCO: After 20 years, he suddenly went blacklisted.

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Shlomit Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg

The army changes the rules and also the status of people at will, either to simply frustrate their lives in any way possible or, else, to have them come to the DCO to be turned into collaborators.

One of the many cases which we meet time and time again, is a man who has worked 20 years in Israel, came to the checkpoint and has been told to come to the policeman at the DCO to find what his “crime” is. Of course the policeman was not here.

We advised another man to speak to Ada Gorni about a fine. This fine is from about six months ago and of course has now doubled and we warned him that this would keep happening if he did not deal with the matter immediately.

Another who had never had a problem and had the previous day passed through with no problem, was accused of being illegally in Israel and has suddenly found out that he is “GSS prevented”.

We very rarely can solve their problems and refer them mainly to Sylvia and it is hard when they say to us, “But can’t you do anything now to help us?”