Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Daphna and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya
ח'לת אלפורן - במטע הזיתים של משפחת ארון

Sunday, the eve of a holiday, so the Meitar barrier is less busy, many workers did not come to work.

We drove along highway 60. A little after Eshtamoa, settlers set up a tent/holds, near the Mekorot water reservoir, with the sign Am Israel Chai (The People of Israel Are alive)

the declaration this is ours...!!!

At the intersections, during our holidays and especially at night, there are local closures, within the general closureinfo-icon, which includes the entire area especially at night.

Al Fawwar  Junction, there are armed soldiers at the entrances. Because of the holiday, they are more careful.

Qilqis Square: The positions are ready to be manned, with sandbags for protection...

The Sheep Junction: open to all parties.

Along road 317, you see many blockages of dirt roads, from the agricultural areas, to the main road.

The entrance to Bani Naim is open.

We entered the olive grove of Arun family, Khalet alFuran. He said that in the morning settlers stood at the entrances, to show their presence and Arun was afraid to enter the area. Entered after they left... He has to take care of the trees and prune them, but is afraid to bring a saw and breaks the branches with his hands (not good for the trees).

Zif junction, at Nabil's, the army is more careful, but overall calm. At the entrance to Kfar Zif, a hammer is standing at the entrance.

The tents that were destroyed last week by the settlers, in Wadi Idjashhash, have been re-erected.