South Hebron Hills

Michal (watching, reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
נשים ישובות ואורגות בשיטה המסורתית העתיקה

he closureinfo-icon is still in full swing and we did not enter Hebron

We drove to A-tuwani. The military presence is less on Route 317 but at the most important entrance to Carmill and Kawasis a blockade of dirt was raised overnight. We must follow this up.

At Tuwani on the ground floor of Nasser’s home, which also serves as a local art center which his wife tries to run, we also see a shop of local handiwork. Women are sitting and weaving by the ancient traditional method and are photographed today by an organization  from Ramallah for Unesco.

Nasser and his son told us about last night's events. A man who lives across the road in front of the entrance to the village came with a truck loaded with building materials to do work on  his home. (Area C). Instantly, settlers and Regavim arrived and tried to steal the truck and equipment. Of course, soldiers and DCOs also arrived.After many hours, the equipment was returned to its owners and the settlers removed

This happens very often  in this area.

Nasser wants us to organize a meeting of all the organizations together so that he can describe in a concentrated way their struggles (fascinating to me) and how they can be strengthened. 

I would love to take the challenge and help them.

They ask that we help them by publishing their problems in English as well.

I am glad that  Leah Shakdiel  has now more time and  and is ready to enter into this affair

We returned via Route 60.

At the southern entrance to Hebron under Beit Hagai settlement are  posts on both sides of the road which are manned by soldiers.