passage permits to Israel are rejected for 100 years!!

Shlomit S. Ora A., Translation: Naomi Gal

Lately permits allowing passage to Israel are being sweepingly rejected without giving the prevented a reason.

10:45 DCL waiting hall was empty. In the plaza waited people who were summoned, most of them by GSS. A few prevented by GSS and the police came out and said they were prevented for 100 years (prevented from entering Israel).

* A young prevented man arrived with his old blind grandfather (age 75) wishing to enter GSS without an invitation to speak with "Captain Omer". We explained to them that there is no chance they’d be let in without an invitation. We advised them to try and remove the prevention and gave them the usual guidelines.

* A guy approached us and said he was a nurse, he worked three and a half years in Jerusalem, and suddenly discovered that he is GSS prevented.

* A 45-year-old man came out and said that at age 16 he sat in jail for stone throwing. Since then he is GSS prevented.

* A man who said he was police prevented complained that he could not find out why he is prevented, as usual the policeman who is supposed to help him was not there. The policeman did appear briefly in his car and, we were able to talk to him, but he said he is currently busy with the olive harvest so he has to go, but will be back in fifteen minutes. He left and never came back.

* Two men whose truck was confiscated because of littering, came with a lawyer to settle the problem of the waste and went inside.

* A young man who works in Israel and has a valid work permit, said he accidentally left his permit at home. He was arrested and became police prevented (from entering Israel) for only 100 years. We advised him to get from the police the document indicating the reason of the prevention. He said he has a letter indicating that it is an administrative prevention that states that if he proves he had a valid permit, the prevention would be lifted. 6 months had passed since he became prevented and he still is unable to remove it. We gave him Silvia’s phone number.