Etzion DCL

Netanya (photos, translation), Shlomit A., Ora A., (Reporting)

When we arrived, the door to the waiting room was open and the waiting hall was full of those waiting . They were very angry  that they had to wait for many hours and only a few people were lucky enough to get in. Those who did not, had to come back the next day.

The next day when they arrived, they had to take a new number and were not allowed in first. No consideration is shown  them . They must take a new number and wait as many hours again as everyone else. Many women suffer from the long wait. A woman, who left a 4-month-old babyinfo-icon at home, complained bitterly about the long and hard period of waiting which she had to endure.

Another woman said that yesterday she came to get a magnetic card. Her husband accompanied her and they waited in the hall from 12.00 to 17.00 until the DCO  was closed and they  had to come again today. Today, luckily, she got the magnetic card.         

At 1pm, she rushed to her mother's who is hospitalized and awaiting surgery. Others who continued to wait also complained about the disgraceful condition of the toilets. One man  said he had been  the driver who brought the Palestinian  Minister of Health to the DCO.

They came to see the condition of the toilets, but the door was closed.